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Whitney is available to teach the following classes wherever there are willing writers/artists: your office, nursing home, community center, or classroom. For inquiries please contact me.

Creative Recovery Group Sessions

Every person is born creative. Children dance before they walk; sing before they talk; and draw before they write. So often the process of growing up squelches the artist-child within. So, how can we recover that creative spirit?

This class will combine journaling, mentorship, and group sharing to help students recover their innate creativity. Throughout the course we will discuss:

  1. Creative blocks. We’ll work together to uncover your limiting beliefs. What keeps you from making work and what’s needed to get you back to the desk/easel/piano?
  2. Creative process. We’ll work together to find the method of creating that works for you and your lifestyle.
  3. Creative accountability. We’ll work together to set deadlines and provide accountability.
  4. Creative emergence. We’ll work together to get your work into the world.

Creative Recovery classes are appropriate for creatives of all types (writers, painters, musicians, etc.) at every stage of their creative life. Students will need a notebook and pen/pencil, plus whatever preferred creative implements for their work outside of class. No experience necessary.

Writing as a Practice

Great writers take risks in their writing. Great writers pay attention to the world. Meditation practice trains the attention and cultivates openness and strength. In this class we will combine meditation techniques and writing prompts to learn to write from our senses and to cultivate a relationship to our writing that allows us to take risks on the page.

Upon completion of this course students will have experienced a survey of meditation techniques and writing exercises that will enrich their work, and their experience of the world. The hope is that this course can ignite the journey toward more embodied, attentive, and vital writing.

Students will need a journal and pen/pencil that they can bring back to class with them each week. No writing or meditation experience is necessary.

Prose or Poetry Workshop

This workshop is suitable for beginning or experienced writers. Students are expected to come into the course with 2 short pieces of their own work to be distributed to classmates. Each week there will be a guided discussion on an element of craft and then a workshop of student pieces.

All great writing is rewriting. In order to improve, the beginning writer must learn how to think critically about their own work. Leaving this course, students will have a vocabulary for discussing elements of prose writing, experience giving and receiving critical feedback, familiarity with Workshop Best Practices, and improved skills as a writer, including peer and teacher feedback on their work. Going forward, students will have the ability to identify elements of successful prose writing and incorporate it into their own work.

Students will need: notebook, pen/pencil, and printed copies of 2 original manuscripts (no more than 5 double-spaced pages each for prose, or three poems not totaling more than five pages for poetry) for distribution. Students will be expected to read and critique peer work between class meetings (approximately 20 pages/week).

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