Editing/Content Creation

Everyone has a story. Sometimes we just need a little help getting it out.

My love of language and attention to detail was stoked by my years at the University of Mary Washington, under the guidance of the Pulitzer prize-winning poet Claudia Emerson. I got my start as a fiction editor after college, during my years of participation in Agile Writers. Week-in and week-out I turned in feedback on my peer’s work. I started guest blogging about issues of craft. Eventually, I was approached by members to edit entire manuscripts outside of the workshop.

My passion for editing blossomed further during my years at Queens University of Charlotte earning an MFA in Creative Writing. I quickly realized that one of my favorite parts of the program was providing feedback to other writers. Nothing was more gratifying than being told I had helped a writer overcome an obstacle or see their work in a new, invigorating way. I knew I didn’t want the thrill of the edit to end with graduate school.

What’s included in editing services?

  1. An initial consultation, allowing me to gain understanding of your goals and vision for your work, and to determine what kind of editing services will be needed.
  2. A contract detailing the type of editing I will provide, investment information, number of consultations included, and relevant deadlines.
  3. A follow-up consultation, in person, or via email, in which you can ask for clarification about my recommendations. (In the case of longer projects, multiple such consultations may be necessary at intervals.)


What kind of editing do you provide?

1. Content Editing: the most in-depth and substantive form of editing. It includes restructuring, reorganizing, rewriting, and re-imagining the work as necessary. Feel like you have an idea and a lot of messy pages but not sure how to turn that into a finished piece (book, essay, etc.)? Content Editing is for you.

Investment: $7.50/page* or $18/poem (if poem is more than one page, $4.00/each for additional pages)

2. Copy Editing: includes reading for continuity: flow, word usage, redundancy, style/voice, time/place, etc. Have a near-finished piece but want a fresh set of eyes on it before it gets submitted to a literary agent or publisher? Copy Editing is for you. (I recommend work goes through a subsequent round of Proofreading before publication.)

Investment: $4/page or $10/poem (if poem is more than one page, $2.00/each for additional pages)

3. Proofreading: includes reading for mistakes in grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling/word usage. Have a finished piece that feels ready to publish but you want one last polish? Proofreading is for you.

Investment: $3/page or $7.00/poem (if poem is more than one page, $2.00/each for additional pages.)


What kinds of things do you edit?

New Project Consultation:

Help fleshing out an initial idea for a piece. We look over notes, and any existent pages. I will ask questions to guide you to getting in touch with the central question your piece is trying to answer. This may include reading suggestions, and a schedule of self-imposed deadlines. Designed to get you and your idea up and running, providing clarity and direction. Investment: $150/ 1 hour consultation

Short Pieces/Excerpts of Larger Work: (500-10,000 words)

  • Essays, Short Stories, first 20-50 pages of a manuscript, Query Letters, College Application Essays, Personal Statements, Website Content, etc.


  • Individual Poems, Poetic Sequences, or Chapbooks

Full Manuscript: (100-350 pages)

  • Memoirs, Novels, Short Story Collections, Essay Collections

Professional Editing/ Content Creation

  • Professional Correspondence, website content, social media posts, or print materials (including brochures, write-ups, etc.)

Investment in Content Creation: $o.25/word, minimum 200 words

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These are the basic categories of my editing services. If your project doesn’t seem to fall into one of the categories below, don’t worry. Reach out and let’s see if we can work together.

Not local to Richmond, VA? No problem! Editing/Content Writing can be accomplished remotely. Contact me for more details.


*a page is assumed to be approximately 250 words, double-spaced.