“Whitney’s keen eye identified numerous deficiencies in my manuscript, including POV errors, redundant text, confusing passages, and many others. Her touch was as delicate as a surgeon in maintaining my vision and voice, but as decisive as a butcher at slashing away the flab that bloated corpulent cuts of the story. The result was a tighter, more readable, and emotionally engaging novel. When necessary, she even suggested text changes that made the writing stronger. As a first-time novelist, I am grateful for Whitney’s thorough edits, insightful observations, and helpful suggestions that gave the story a polished clarity and elevated my work to the next level. She is knowledgeable, meticulous and responsive, and delivered the edited manuscript well ahead of schedule. Thanks, Whitney.” -Ken Hubona, author of Shades


“Whitney has had a tremendous effect on my writing. Her editing skills are unparalleled (the best I’ve encountered!) and her suggestions are both kind and firm. She has helped transform me, and my writing, from fairly novice to practically professional! My writing would not be on the level it is today without her strong sense of story and capable editing expertise. I have learned a great deal from her and wish all my writing partners and editors were as talented. Whitney is highly recommended as support in all aspects of the writing process.”  -Terri Zimmermann, author of What About Max?


“Whitney is a gifted editor with the ability to see your story in a way that you are unable – not just because you are close to it – but because she is skilled at articulating what needs improvement in a way that the writer can understand and use in revision. Her advice is practical, thoughtful, detailed, accessible and insightful. My storytelling has improved dramatically by thinking about and applying feedback from Whitney. She has a gentle approach that never tears you down. She challenges you, giving advice that she feels you are ready to execute, while at the same time pointing out things that are working well. I would highly recommend her. She has helped me in a way that no other critique partner or editor ever has!” -Sita Romero, author of Pushing Through

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