Taking Refuge: A Novel

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I am currently at work on my first novel, Taking Refuge.

Leda Sheppard was raised to believe that faith and family are the only sure things. But at the age of thirty she finds both in shambles. Thirteen years earlier a violent act sent her into exile from the God and church of her childhood and made her a stranger in her own family. Now, her husband Gabe has left her too, taking with him her dreams of becoming a mother.

Desperate to win back the man she loves, Leda finds herself on a journey that will take her through the ruins of her faith, the tangles of lust, and the secrets of her family, and into a new world of silent retreats and spiritual teachers.

Woven with the cautionary life stories of Leda’s mother Joan, a stony workaholic, and her grandmother Helen, a regret-filled and lonely octogenarian, Taking Refuge is equal parts family saga and personal pilgrimage, with a Buddhist bent, and finds its home between Eat Pray Love and As I Lay Dying on the contemporary reader’s shelf. 

A beautifully lyrical, utterly modern exploration of the timeless human questions of purpose and belonging–the book is a testament to just how far one woman must go to discover the refuge that is inside herself.